Delivery charges for orders from the online shop?

All orders carry delivery charges, this is a dynamic charge which will wary depending on the quantity you are ordering and your geographical location

How long will delivery take?

the time frame for delivery will depend on when  the order was placed and  the geographical location to where the package is to be delivered it can take 3-5 days max

what exactly happens after ordering

after ordering please be patient to hear from our customer service to direct you on how to make payment for your order, you can always contact our live support for immediate respond

Do i receive an invoice for my order

yes  you do receive an invoice via the email your provided when placing your order

How will my order be packaged

we ship all orders discreetly so there is no indication of what is inside.

our products are vacuum sealed and placed in smell-proof bags for extra privacy 

how long does delivery take after my order has shipped

once your order has been shipped, it might take up to 3 days too receive your order depending on the shipping fee you chose 


how long until my order is shipped?

If your order is placed before 7pm GMT we will have your order shipped the same day, any order placed after the set time will be shipped the following day 


*please note that payment must be processed buy our team and approved before your package can be moved to the processing state

the interact system can take up to 3 hours to direct you in completing, we do not ship packages on sundays but feel free to place your order and complete payment as we will still be processing orders through the weekend 

How do i edit or cancel my order

Once orders are placed, you are unable to edit orders your selves. if you wish to add or change some items, you will need to create a new order and request for the order to be cancelled.

Alternatively, your old order will cancel itself after 72 hours


Do you ship to all states?

yes we do deliver to all states, we make sure our packages are vacuum sealed before shipment and delivered to the address provided by our clients.


when is the order payment taken off my bank account?

funds are deducted from your account once payment has been confirmed

what should i do if i receive a damage or wrong product?

if you receive a damaged or wrong product, kindly contact our live support or contact us via our email address or phone number so the problem can be resolved immediately

can i change or cancel ,my order

you can only cancel your order before it is shipped, once your package is shipped you can no longer have your package canceled

Accordion Panel

package tracking helps you track the progress of your package

what happens if i don't receive my package?

if you don’t receive your package within the expected delivery time please don’t hesitate to contact us

in order to guarantee safe delivery make sure you use the right addresses when placing your order along side a valid phone number and email address .

where is my tracking number?

you can find your tracking number in the email that is sent to you after completing your order

if you are unable to find your tracking number, please contact support and have it sent to you directly 

how to i find details to pay to from after placing my order?

once your order has been placed, you will be immediately be contacted by one of our agents who will walk you through the payment process and as well ensure that your payment is approved.

For immediate responses you can as well request for payment details via our life support by simply providing them with your (order number ##).